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A Few Good Eggs

The rock, scissors, paper method decided upon reading A Few Good Eggs by Julie Vargo and Maureen Regan. Two chapters in and I’m already hooked. The way in which they write makes me feel as though I’m there with them. It’s completely in my style of humor and so far the content is so relevant to me and my life. Most of what the book is showing me is that I need to head to a doctor and start demanding some answers. I’m starting to piece together the symptoms I’ve been having with my cycles (and really my body in general) that I’m thinking it’s either PCOS or Endometriosis (or, better yet, it could be both!) However, instead of just speculating, I think it’s time I actually go in and speak with someone about my thoughts.

Currently I’m at cycle day 22. Nothing exciting has been happening since the two days of spotting last week. I’m still taking the Fertility Blend and am hoping I have a somewhat normal cycle this time around. Being that my cycle can be as short as 28 days and go as long as four months, there’s no telling when it will decide to show. I think this is why I’ve been so lazy in keeping track of my cycle days in the past (well, that and I’m a consistent procrastinator).

I’m wondering what other things I can do and/or take in order to help my body along in this journey on fertility. I’ve tried doing some searches but I’m honestly overwhelmed with all the different amounts of information there are out there.

Here’s what I’d like to know:

Which green tea produces the best CM? Do I drink it hot? How often? (ok yeah sorry that’s like, three questions rolled into one)

I read something about taking cinnamon? Not really entirely sure what that does or if I should take it.

Should I be taking a prenatal vitamin along with Fertility Blend?

Has anyone heard of Infertility Yoga? Does anyone use it?

What other natural methods can I try?

I’ll be honest, I’m a really natural alternative type of a girl. I’d love to try what things I can at home before going in for the hard drugs (particularly because my body sucks at handling hard drugs). I mean, hell, I can only take one nyquil tablet because it makes me feel like a walking zombie for at least 12 hours.

As I intend to venture out to the doctor (as soon as I make an appt. and yes I’ll do it this week), I’d like to start trying home remedies during the meantime. June is the deadline I’ve given myself before going to the fertility doctor. This not only gives me time to actually track my cycle for six months, but also allows me to start sticking aside money for doctors fees that I know I will encounter once I get there.

I know there’s books out there (as well as websites) on the natural alternatives, but I’d love to hear from someone who has done it and can give their opinion on what they’ve tried.

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